Decision-making puts end to uncertainty

Receive ordinances

Seek a testimony- Build faith in Christ

Making decisions is a continual process, Elder Gerald E. Melchin of the Seventy said Sunday afternoon. "The dictionary says that `a decision is to arrive at a solution that ends uncertainty.' It is the uncertainty that makes decisions so difficult," he said.

Then he described two of the most important decisions ever made. The first was young Joseph Smith's decision to go to a grove of trees and pray to know the truth. "Joseph's experience in the grove was of greater import than he could have imagined and one that has affected the lives of all of us. The principles he followed in going to the grove should be the basis for the decisions we all face."

Elder Melchin spoke of the decision the Savior faced. "He made His way, knowing He had power over life and death and could command angels to come to His assistance." But, he explained, "He completed the mission for which He was foreordained and opened the door of salvation and eternal life to all."

Elder Melchin then said that mankind approaches uncertainty at birth and death.

Speaking of death, he noted: "Though it is not optional and must be accepted, our decisions here lay the foundation for what awaits us there. . . . One would naturally think that everyone would seek as much information as possible to prepare for the inevitable. However, some are lulled into a sense of security, not giving heed to the Lord's warning that `Without the ordinances thereof and the authority of the priesthood, the power of godliness is not manifest unto men in the flesh.' (D&C 84:21.)'

"There is a change that must come upon us through sanctification that only obedience to the laws and compliance to the ordinances can bring."

Elder Melchin, who is serving as president of the Toronto Ontario Temple, said that temples have been built and ordinances restored to make compliance possible. "If we will reason upon the many scriptures at our disposal, we must come to the conclusion that the full blessings of the Lord are found within the walls of the temple."

Help is available on certain conditions in making decisions, Elder Melchin affirmed. "The Lord's willingness to assist in our decisions will be based on the same principles that led the prophet to the grove and the Savior to the garden. There are times when we wish that life could be a guided tour where we have no responsibility for details or for our safe arrival.

"I recently saw a gadget in a store called An Executive Decision Maker.' You pressed a button and a flashing light pointed to the answer such asdefinitely,' never,' orwhy not?' Can we afford to leave our future to chance when the Lord encourages us to `Ask, seek, and knock?' "

He concluded: "Our foremost decision must be to seek a testimony of the gospel and to build our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. . . . He will not leave us alone in our decisions for He promised, `I will not leave you comfortless.' " (John 14:8.)

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