Little ones respond best when taught with love

Teach children the gospel

Live gospel in the home- Be an example

" `How dear to God are little children,' " said Ruth B. Wright in quoting from the Primary song by the same name. (Children's Songbook, p. 180.)

Speaking Sunday afternoon, Sister Wright, second counselor in the Primary general presidency, directed her remarks to the Church's Focus on Children. "The First Presidency has admonished all adult members of the Church to focus on children in an ongoing effort to help them learn to follow the teachings of the Savior," she explained.

Quoting from the guidelines and instructions to Focus on Children, Sister Wright continued, " `The purpose of Focus on Children is to direct the attention and efforts of adult members to care for children in a way that will enable them to have a strong foundation of testimony and faithfully live the gospel of Jesus Christ.'

"The First Presidency has suggested four goals to help us focus on children," she added.

"The goals are: one, to recognize the worth of our children; two, to activate children who are not participating in the blessings of the gospel; three, to teach children the gospel in such a way that they will understand and live it; and four, to ensure that children are prepared for and given the opportunity for baptism and ordination.'

Sister Wright focused her remarks on the third goal. "In our efforts to help our children desire to walk uprightly before the Lord, we can ask ourselves three questions:

"What do we teach our children? It is essential that we teach them the gospel of Jesus Christ. I believe the scriptures are the main source to help us teach our children to walk uprightly.

"We need to help our children gain a sense of their relationship with Heavenly Father. They can know that each person is a literal child of God, that each is born with a divine birthright and unlimited potential.

"Our children need to learn how to pray so they can communicate with Heavenly Father," Sister Wright explained. "Our children need to understand the principle of agency and the significance of choices they make.

"Where do we teach our children? The best place to teach our children the gospel is in our homes."

Continuing, Sister Wright explained: "We teach our children everywhere we are with them, and I believe we should have fun with them while we are doing it.

"How do we teach our children? We teach by example. Our children will learn far more by observing us walk uprightly than any other way."

Sister Wright added, "Our children respond best when taught with respect and love."

Continuing, she said: "Our children will be more able to survive the challenges that will come to them when they know and understand that keeping God's commandments can bring them peace and joy in their lives and enable them to walk uprightly."

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