Spiritual healing comes in the Lord's way

Submit cheerfully

Love others- Learn to forgive

Church members were admonished by Elder Richard G. Scott to "not look for a life virtually free from discomfort, pain, pressure, challenge or grief, for those are the tools a loving Father uses to stimulate our personal growth and understanding."

"Mine is a message of hope for you who yearn for relief from heavy burdens that have come through no conscious act of your own while you have lived a worthy life," Elder Scott of the Council of the Twelve said Saturday morning.

He said those burdens may be physical disability, illness, life-threatening disease, the death of a loved one, anguish over another bound by sin, or abuse in any of its evil forms.

He then testified that relief is available "on conditions established by the Lord.

" . . . It is important to understand that His healing can mean being cured, or having your burdens eased, or even coming to realize that it is worth it to endure to the end patiently, for God needs brave sons and daughters who are willing to be polished when in His wisdom that is His will."

Whether He cures, or uses challenges as instruments for growth, the Redeemer provides support, Elder Scott pointed out. He illustrated with the account of Alma's people who, though oppressed and burdened, were strengthened by the Lord. " . . . and they did submit cheerfully and with patience to all the will of the Lord. (Mosiah 24:15.)"

"Submitting `cheerfully with patience' to all His will lets you learn precious, if difficult, lessons and eternal truths that will yield blessings," Elder Scott said.

The Savior provides help in different ways, he explained. One is through humble, trusting prayer. If that is difficult to initiate, Elder Scott suggested trusting in others such as friends or a bishop who understand the teachings of the Savior and can show the way. Another way to access the Savior's help is by reading, pondering and applying the teachings of the scriptures.

Priesthood blessings can help, Elder Scott said. "Healing can occur in the act, yet more often it occurs over a period of time determined by the faith and obedience of the individual and the will of the Lord."

He called love a potent healer, suggesting "reaching out in love to another. Love comes by learning how to give it to another in a spirit of trust. If you feel deprived of love that is difficult. Yet sustained concern and support of others will engender their interest and love. You will feel needed."

Elder Scott declared, "The final healing comes through faith in Jesus Christ, and His teachings, with a broken heart and a contrite spirit, and obedience to His commandments."

Then he added that those subject to challenges must learn to forgive, though it may be hard. "It will release you and open the way to a newness of life. Time devoted by one injured to ensure the offender is punished is time wasted in the healing process," he said.

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