Caption only: Hearing the word of the Lord at Easter

Photos by Tom Smart

Photo #1: Presidencies of auxiliaries occupy their places on Tabernacle rostrum.Photo #2: Congregation fills Tabernacle to capacity at opening session of 164th Annual General Conference Saturday morning, April 2.

Photo by Kristan Jacobsen

Photo #3: Line of conference-goers forms between fountain and temple on Temple Square.

Photo by Garry Bryant

Photo #4: Relief Society choir from the Olympus Utah Region provides music for opening session of general conference on Saturday morning.

Photo by Tom Smart

Photo #5: President Gordon B. Hinckley greets Elders David B. Haight, James E. Faust and Neal A. Maxwell of the Council of the Twelve after opening session.

Photo by Garry Bryant

Photo #6: Warm fellowship is reflected among throngs of conference-goers who greet one another in Tabernacle after a conference session.

Photos by Tom Smart

Photo #7: Young conference attender peruses scriptures against floral background on Temple Square.

Photo #8: Michelle Lyman, holding 2-year-old twins Ashley and Amber, with 9-year-old Stephanie, left, enjoys Temple Square ambiance during general conference. In addition to congregations in the Tabernacle and Assembly Hall, hundreds listened to the proceedings on surrounding grounds.

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