'Be more courageous' in following Christ

Remember more often

Serve more valiantly- Become as He is

At every opportunity, Church members should ask themselves, `What would Jesus do?' and then be more courageous to act upon the answer, said President Howard W. Hunter of the Council of the Twelve at the Sunday morning session.

"Let us follow the Son of God in all ways and in all walks of life," he urged. "Let us make Him our exemplar and our guide."

The venerable leader ignored his walker as he was helped to the podium. He spoke slowly and succinctly of the need to follow the Savior's example.

"One of the most important questions ever asked to mortal men was asked by the Son of God Himself. . . . He asked, What manner of men ought ye to be?' Then in the same breath He gave this answer:Even as I am.'

"The world is full of people who are willing to tell us do as I say.' Surely we have no lack of advice-givers on about every subject. But we have so few who are prepared to say,Do as I do.' And, of course, only One in human history could rightfully and properly make that declaration."

He affirmed, "Only Christ can. . . say without any reservation, `Follow me, learn of me, do the things you have seen me do. Drink of my water and eat of my bread. I am the way, the truth, and the life. I am the law and the light. Look unto me and ye shall live. Love one another as I have loved you.'

"My, what a clear and resonant call!" President Hunter exclaimed. "What certainty and example in a day of uncertainty and absence of example."

President Hunter quoted President Ezra Taft Benson, who said:

" `Nearly 2,000 years ago a perfect Man walked the earth - Jesus the Christ. . . . In His life, all the virtues were lived and kept in perfect balance; He taught men truth - that they might be free; His example and precepts provide the great standard - the only sure way - for all mankind.' "

President Hunter continued with his remarks, "How grateful we should be that God sent His Only Begotten Son to earth to do at least two things no other person could have done. The first task Christ did as a perfect, sinless Son was to redeem all mankind from the fall, providing an atonement for Adam's sin and for our own sins if we will accept and follow Him. The second great thing He did was to set a perfect example of right living, of kindness and mercy and compassion, in order that all the rest of mankind might know how to live. . . .

He said: "We must follow Christ, in the best sense of that word. We must be about His work as He was about His Father's. We should try to be like Him, even as the Primary children sing, "Try, try, try." To the extent that our mortal powers permit, we should make every effort to become like Christ."

Concluding, President Hunter said, "We must know Christ better than we know Him; we must remember Him more often than we remember Him; we must serve Him more valiantly than we serve Him. Then we will drink water springing up unto eternal life and will eat the bread of life."

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