Leaders must be with Lord's flock when they are needed

Leaders must reach out to young men in the Aaronic Priesthood, following the Savior's injunction "Feed my sheep" (see John 21:15-17), Elder Richard P. Lindsay of the Seventy said in the priesthood session Saturday evening.

To illustrate, he recalled his own experience as a deacons quorum president and praised his adviser.The life of this adviser fulfilled the Savior's instruction to Peter, "Feed my sheep," Elder Lindsay said. He added, "The battle for the souls of our Heavenly Father's precious sheep and lambs is raging in every corner of the world."

Elder Lindsay told an incident involving his son, then 6, who was given a sheep to care for. The boy excitedly called his father at work to say the sheep had just given birth. He subsequently called, pleading for his father to come home because the lambs were not well. By the time the father arrived home two hours later, one lamb had died, and the other could not be saved. His tearful son said, "Daddy, if you had come when I first called you we could have saved them both."

"Dear brethren of the priesthood," Elder Lindsay said, "those of us who are entrusted as keepers of the Lord's precious flock - we must be there with the lambs when we are needed. We must teach with love, principles of faith, and goodness and be righteous examples to the lambs of our Heavenly Father. Each quorum member must be prepared for his future role as a bearer of the Holy Priesthood in a world plagued with sin and desperate for decisive moral leadership."

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