Conference capsules


Precious little children are as angels among us. (page 11) - Elder Merlin R. Lybbert

The best place to teach our children the gospel is in our homes. (page 22) - Sister Ruth B. Wright


The ultimate purpose of every teaching and activity in the Church is that parents and children are happy at home, sealed in an eternal marriage, and linked to their generations. (page 6) - Elder Boyd K. Packer

One of the great messages of the gospel is the doctrine of the eternal nature of the family unit. (page 9) - Elder L. Tom Perry

There will always be a shortage of police, if there is a shortage of effective parents. (page 20) - Elder Neal A. Maxwell


God help us to be grateful for our blessings, never to be guilty of the sin of ingratitude, and to instill this same gratitude into the lives of our children. (page 11) - Elder Lloyd P. George

Jesus Christ

Infallible proofs of spiritual matters, such as Christ's resurrection, are not of the hand, but of the heart. (page 7) - Elder Carlos E. Asay

While there are physical ailments that cannot be healed, all spiritual illness can be healed because of the atonement of Jesus Christ. (page 8) - Elder Malcom S. Jeppsen

Nothing done before or since has so affected mankind as the atonement wrought by Jesus of Nazareth who died on Calvary's cross, was buried in the tomb of Joseph of Arimathaea, and on the third day arose from the grave as the Living Son of the Living God . . . . (page 16) - President Gordon B. Hinckley

We must know Christ better than we know Him; we must remember Him more often than we remember Him; we must serve Him more valiantly than we serve Him. (page 18) - President Howard W. Hunter

I have a deep testimony of Him, of His work on this earth, that He's the one who guides and directs the affairs of this Church. (page 19) - Bishop Merrill J. Bateman

Each of us is profoundly indebted to Him, for we were purchased by the shedding of His own precious blood. (page 20) - Elder David B. Haight

Come unto Christ, eat the bread of life, drink the living water and feast on His limitless love. (page 21) - Elder F. Melvin Hammond


Leadership based on love brings incredible power. (page 8) - Elder Albert Choules Jr.

The best leaders are not those who work themselves to death trying to do everything single-handedly; the best leaders are those who follow God's plan and counsel with their councils. (page 10) - Elder M. Russell Ballard

Magnifying callings

Many nameless people with gifts equal only to five loaves and two small fishes magnify their callings and serve without attention or recognition, feeding literally thousands. (page 7) - Elder James E. Faust

Moral Agency

Through the eternal principle of agency, we are free to choose liberty and eternal life and return with honor to God's presence if we live righteous lives, or to choose captivity and spiritual death. (page 21) - Elder Robert D. Hales

Only after we have honestly decided in favor of good, based on the gospel, can we bring forth righteous deeds. (page 21) - Elder Hans B. Ringger


Young people, please don't listen to music that contains ideas that contradict principles of the gospel. (page 19) - Bishop H. David Burton


Peace after the way of man is perishable. Peace after the manner of God will prevail. (page 17) - President Thomas S. Monson


Progressing along the straight and narrow is characterized by making the Lord's work our work, serving as He would. (page 8) - Pres. Elaine L. Jack


Selfless service is an essential ingredient for a full and happy life. (page 11) - Elder Kenneth Johnson


Submitting `cheerfully with patience' to all His will lets you learn precious, if difficult, lessons and eternal truths that will yield blessings. (page 7) - Elder Richard G. Scott

Temple Blessings

The full blessings of the Lord are found within the walls of the temple. (page 22) - Elder Gerald E. Melchin


Some people say, "I can't afford to pay tithing." Those who place their faith in the Lord's promise's say, "I can't afford not to pay my tithing." (page 9) - Elder Dallin H. Oaks


Together may we stand, intolerant of transgression but tolerant of neighbors with differences they hold sacred. Our beloved brothers and sisters throughout the world are all children of God. (page 18) - Elder Russell M. Nelson

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