Path to eternal life narrow, but sure

Recognize path

Have eternal perspective- Act accordingly

Though the path to eternal life is narrow, it is sure, said Elaine L. Jack, Relief Society general president.

Speaking during the Saturday morning session, Pres. Jack explained: "When we were baptized, we stepped firmly onto the path to eternal life. The prophet Nephi said, `After ye have gotten into this strait and narrow path, I would ask if all is done? Nay; for ye have not come thus far save it were by the word of Christ with unshaken faith in him . . . Wherefore, ye must press forward with a steadfastness in Christ.' (2 Ne. 31:19-21.)

"How do we press forward on the straight and narrow way? How do we focus on our eternal progression when we live in a world that demands such attention to daily tasks? The people in Enoch's day faced these same challenges. Enoch began his ministry preaching to an unrighteous audience, but the people softened their hearts and heeded the words of the Lord to `Walk with me.' (Moses 6:34.)

"So can we," Pres. Jack declared.

In speaking of the journey on the straight and narrow path in the company of the Lord Jesus Christ, Pres. Jack said, "Our progress on this journey is determined by recognizing the straight and narrow path, having an eternal perspective and acting accordingly.

"Some of our steps come in learning that the path is indeed straight and narrow. The concept of a straight path intrigues me," she continued. "So often we go around in a circle, spinning our spiritual wheels while only our temporal treads hit the road. That seems out of step and out of balance with the way the Lord intended. We have knowledge and spiritual power; such momentum far exceeds anything the world has to offer.

"The path is not soft, green grass," Pres. Jack continued. "It is not without hardship and heartache. It is often an uphill climb strewn with rocks, many of them in the shape of mighty boulders. We can't predict what our challenges will be because our lives are all different. Though the path is narrow, our moves are not scripted. There are diversions which attempt to lure us from the straight and narrow.

"When the Lord says, `Walk with me,' (Moses 6:34) He is asking us to become more spiritual by being obedient to His word. Developing spirituality is critical to our eternal progression.

"We've been given tools to develop that spirituality," Pres. Jack continued. "We are told to attend Church meetings, work hard in callings, go to the temple, be generous in offerings to the Lord, hold family home evening and visit one another.

"Progressing along the straight and narrow is characterized by making the Lord's work our work, serving as He would. Such work is grounded in charity, a principle Relief Society sisters have embraced for many years, for charity never faileth.

"Without question," Pres. Jack explained, "those progressing eternally are those on the straight and narrow; they are spiritual and charitable."

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