Laws are given 'to make us happy'

Speaking particularly to young men of the Aaronic Priesthood, Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin declared in priesthood session Saturday evening, "By obedience to the laws of the gospel, you can lift yourselves above the quagmire of sin that surrounds us in this world."

Elder Wirthlin of the Council of the Twelve added: "In addition to helping you become better servants of the Lord, obedience to these laws will help you to be better in everything you undertake in life, whether it be your activity in the Church, your family, education, business, profession, science, athletics, or any other worthwhile endeavor."He told of a visit to a cattle ranch in Argentina where the horses, trained with kindness from the time they were colts, displayed great obedience to their gaucho masters.

"I thought of you Aaronic Priesthood brethren and how you are taught by your mothers," he said, "like the 2,000 stripling sons of Helaman, and by caring fathers and priesthood leaders. I thought of you following their good example, disciplining yourselves, and keeping yourselves alert - willing to serve your Lord and Master as He chooses and calls you."

He urged young men to be obedient in priesthood duties and valiant in any position to which they may be called. He admonished them to carry the handbook For the Strength of Youth with them and live according to the counsel it contains.

"We live in a world filled with evil. Swirling all around us are the whirlwinds of strife and contention, temptation and sin," Elder Wirthlin declared.

"The commandments of the gospel come from a tender, loving Father whose laws are given to make us happy, to protect us, and to help us avoid the inescapable pain and misery that always result when we yield to Satan and give in to temptation," he said.

"God is, indeed, our loving Heavenly Father. Everything He does is for our good. He knows all things. He knows us much better than we know ourselves, and He knows what is best for us."

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