Priesthood session speakers

President Gordon B. Hinckley of the First Presidency

President Thomas S. Monson of the First PresidencyElder Joseph B. Wirthlin of the Council of the Twelve

Elder Charles Didier of the Presidency of the Seventy

Elder Marlin K. Jensen of the First Quorum of the Seventy

Elder Richard P. Lindsay of the Second Quorum of the Seventy

Prior to the priesthood session, Elder Robert D. Hales, newly sustained member of the Council of the Twelve, was embraced individually by several members of that quorum, reflecting the feeling in one of the prelude hymns, "Our Savior's Love."

A Melchizedek Priesthood choir from the University Utah Region sang "Faith of Our Fathers," prompting President Gordon B. Hinckley to emphasize the words of the chorus, "We will be true to thee till death," at the beginning of his address in which he urged the brethren to go forward undeterred by opposition or criticism.

President Thomas S. Monson conducted the priesthood session. Elder Graham W. Doxey of the Seventy offered the invocation, and Elder John E. Fowler of the Seventy gave the benediction.


How can we be strengthened in making the choice to serve the Lord? By simply focusing on the doctrine of Jesus Christ that will ensure the salvation of those who remember it, accept it and act upon it. - Elder Charles Didier

Church government

The Lord's way is quiet, it is a way of peace, it is without fanfare or monetary costs. It is without egotism or vanity or ambition. Under the Lord's plan, those who have responsibility to select officers are governed by one overriding question, `Whom would the Lord have?' - President Gordon B. Hinckley

Heavenly Father

God is, indeed, our loving Heavenly Father. Everything He does is for our good. He knows all things. He knows us much better than we know ourselves, and He knows what is best for us. - Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin


It is through the lives of good people that we . . . become better acquainted with the greatest of all lives. When we see Christ's image in the countenances of others, it helps us live to receive it in our own. - Elder Marlin K. Jensen


Somehow I feel that if we will always remember who it is we serve, and on whose errand we are, we will draw closer to the source of the inspiration we seek - even our Master and Savior. - President Thomas S. Monson

Those of us who are entrusted as keepers of the Lord's precious flock - we must be there with the lambs when we are needed. We must teach with love principles of faith and goodness, and be righteous examples to the lambs of our Heavenly Father. - Elder Richard P. Lindsay

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