Psalms are the best known and most used of all the scriptures

"The Book of Psalms is the greatest book of devotional literature in existence," wrote Sidney B. Sperry in The Spirit of the Old Testament. "It is a sounding board of the heart and soul of the Hebrew people. In fact, it reflects the soul experiences of the whole race of mankind.

"In the days of the early Church the Psalms were on the tongues of all Christians and Jews. Of the scriptures they were the best known and most used and it is said that many Christians knew the Book of Psalms by heart."According to Brother Sperry, the Psalms have had an enormous influence on literature in lands all around the world. The Psalms have also been much used in hymns because they are relatively easy to set to music.

"It ought to be especially noted that the Book of Psalms was quoted and used more by the Savior then any other Old Testament scripture," Brother Sperry wrote. "His love of it must have been greatly responsible for the use made of the Psalms by the New Testament writers other than the authors of the Gospels. In the later Christian Church the same great use of this book continued."

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