She gave much-needed assistance

There are many in the Church who unselfishly serve others in time of illness and need. The names and faces change but they all help to make this world a better place in which to live. Estrella Reynolds is one of these wonderful people who help to make life just a little bit easier for others.

When our daughter, Debbie Gardner, was Young Women president in the Gilbert Burk Street Ward, Gilbert Arizona Stapley Stake, she learned she had ovarian cancer. Estrella Reynolds, who was the Relief Society president and her friend, was there to talk, listen and bring support to her. When surgery was necessary she was there to hold Debbie's hand, manicure her nails and to just talk and listen.As the cancer became worse and Debbie came back home so her family could help her, Sister Reynolds arranged for women to come every night, including herself many nights, to sit with Debbie and help keep vigil so we could all get much-needed rest.

When Debbie peacefully passed away, Sister Reynolds organized meals to be brought in, and personally baby sat all the children so we could have a quiet time together to plan the funeral. She helped with many details, had a beautiful lunch prepared, and in every way possible made this difficult time as easy for us as possible.

We love and appreciate her for all the help and caring that she shared with our family. Debbie said it best when she looked at all of us and said, "Thank you so much for all you do, you know you will be so blessed for this." Our family feels that one of our best blessings has been to have Estrella Reynolds as a friend! - Submitted by Shirley Gardner, Mesa, Ariz.

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