Sweden's first stake president dies

Evert Wilford Perciwall, 71, the first stake president in Sweden, died April 24 at his home in Stockholm.

On April 20, 1975, he was ordained a high priest and set apart by Elder Thomas S. Monson, then a member of the Council of the Twelve, as the first president of the newly organized Stockholm Sweden Stake. Previously, from 1967-1975, he served as a counselor to four mission presidents. He later was called as patriarch of the Stockholm stake. Until the time of his death, he was a sealer and worker in the Stockholm temple.Before retiring, he worked as an inventor of machines and methods for gluing wooden beams; many of the methods and machines he and his team developed are patented and used internationally.

Brother Perciwall and his wife, Ebba, had three sons, one of whom died at age 17 in a traffic accident; two daughters; and nine grandchildren. The grandchildren are the sixth generation of Church members in the Perciwall family.

Brother Perciwall was born May 25, 1922, in Stockholm to Hugo and Inez Enman Perciwall.

In 1975, in a Church News article about the Perciwall family, a brother Bernt said: "We always

wentT with our parents to Church. It seemed that we had two homes, one at our house and one at the Church. Our house was always open for youth activities, Church members or missionaries, so the Church had two homes, too, one at the chapel and one at our house."

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