She has brightened many birthdays

Each year without fail, more than 230 family members and friends of Marjorie Eliason of the Placentia California Stake, Yorba Linda 1st Ward, receive birthday wishes. Since 1944, Aunt Marj, as most of us know her, has brightened many people's birthdays with her greeting cards filled with love and cheer.

When she married Max V. Eliason, she started sending birthday cards to her immediate family. As the families grew, each child was included on her birthday list until more than 230 people throughout the country now receive her cards.Her extensive Christmas list includes all of the birthday recipients and as well many others.

Although some children have never met her, they anticipate her birthday cards and are never disappointed. She has even been known to save baby announcements for more than 30 years and then send that person his or her own birth announcement!

She expects no praise, and is very reticent to even acknowledge the magnitude of the task she accomplishes each year. She merely wants to stay in touch with others and to let them know that she sends them her love.

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