On the bright side

Shortly after we joined the Church, my husband and I were attending temple preparation classes. Before one of the classes started, we were listening to a conversation between two of the priesthood brethren. One of them exclaimed in a rather excited tone, "We must get busy with that. You know that the `Messiah' will be here in two months!"

As brand-new members of the Church who were awed by the eternal truths that we were learning daily. We took this exclamation literally. For three days and nights I scurried around as busily as I could preparing for the Second Coming.I lay awake on those nights worrying that I did not have my year's supply, family history completed and that I had not yet completed reading the standard works. My biggest concern, however, was that none of our family members had been baptized.

After three days of hectic work, stress and trying to convince relatives to get baptized and organized for the Second Coming, we heard again about the coming of the "Messiah" and realized that our branch was busy preparing for the community's presentation of Handel's "Messiah." All in all, this was a good experience for us because, since that time, we have striven to live as though the Second Coming would be here in two months. - Bob and Roxy Seligman, Sedro Wolley, Wash.

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