81-year-old marriage based on love, kindness

Don Harvey Wall, who celebrated his 103 birthday July 5, and Mary Boyson Wall, who will reach her 103rd birthday Aug. 27, have been married 81 years and are still living at home, according to their daughter, Iris Runner. She and her husband, Dwight, visit several times a day.

The Walls have been featured in the Church News on their wedding anniversary six times since 1983. They were married in the Salt Lake Temple on April 2, 1913.Their longevity as a married couple isn't a record nationally, but may be within the Church, said Sister Runner.

"They haven't been to a doctor for a long time," she said. "Mother said recently, `One reason we've lived so long is that we are kind to each other. I think that helped us through because we try to help each other and not say unkind words to each other.' "

Sister Runner added that her parents are meticulous about thanking those who help them. "We can't do the slightest thing but they thank us for it. They are very pleasant to be around."

Brother Wall hasn't lost his sense of humor, either. He described their typical day as: "We sit and look."

The Walls, members of the Fairground Ward, Keizer Oregon Stake, are parents of six children and have 36 grandchildren, 134 great-grandchildren, and, at last count, 40 great-great-grandchildren.

Sister Runner said her parents always say one thing: "We hope we can endure to the end."

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