'Our dream is that we can change the world by changing families'

"I have often been accused of being a Pollyanna, and it's true," Michaelene P. Grassli said during the Women's Conference panel discussion, "Focus on Children: Helping Children Prepare for, Make and Keep Sacred Covenants."

Pres. Grassli said, "I read the bad news, but I like the good news. I hope for the best . . . Our dream is that we can change the world by changing our families."Participating on the panel were members of the Primary general presidency and their administrative assistant, Jamie L. Glenn.

Sister Grassli, Primary general president, told those listening: "Children naturally are drawn to the Savior if they know about Him. They share with all of us the divine right to spiritual enlightenment. By teaching them the scriptures, we allow and encourage them to come unto Him by opening opportunities for them to know of Him and learn of the peace He offers, the only lasting peace which we can find in this world."

Sister Wright, second counselor in the general presidency, said: "In today's world there are many deterrents or stumbling blocks that can keep us from teaching our children. They get in our way. . . . Some of them might be time - making a living, providing for a family, doing all the things that take time - pressures of outside activities, the business of life."

She invited members of the audience to comment, and some of their suggestions included: "Keep trying and never give up." "There are days when I lock myself in my room with my two little babies and fall on my knees and ask the Lord to help me survive the next 10 minutes and give me the strength that I need listen to my children."

Sister Glenn listed four reasons to help prepare children to make and keep covenants: "First, it is a commandment. Second, to help them come unto Christ. Third, because covenants are worth keeping, covenants are worth having. Fourth, so that our children will be stronger than this world.

"The great thing that is required of us is that our children be taught when they are young. It is a great thing, and it is required. When we teach our children about the gospel, we need to teach them more than actions."

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