Shining moments: The spirit guides

Two days after Christmas of 1991, my granddaughter Janet Unger, then 9 years old, saved her 5-year-old sister Megan Ann from burning to death. After the experience, Janet said she was so scared, but that she knew the Holy Ghost was telling her what to do.

The girls were going to have oatmeal for breakfast in their home in Hemet, Calif., that morning. Janet went into the adjoining family room and Megan climbed up on a chair to watch more closely as the pan of water came to a boil on the gas range. When the water started to boil, Megan reached over the pan to pick up a spoon to stir the water. As she reached, her sleeve dropped into the open flame of the burner and caught fire.Megan jumped down from the chair and started to run for her mother, Kelly, who had stepped into another room. Janet saw what was happening and, remembering what she had learned during programs at school presented by firemen, tackled Megan and rolled her on the floor. Janet then grabbed a glass, filled it with water and threw the water on her sister's head because her hair was on fire.

Janet later told me: "A large glass was sitting on the counter near where Megan was on the floor, and the Holy Ghost said no, it will take too long to fill a large glass. Use a small one, so I did. The Holy Ghost was there all the time I needed Him."

Then Janet picked up the telephone and dialed 9-1-1 while her mother, a nurse, took Megan and put her in a tub of water and then wrapped her in wet sheets to wait for help to arrive.

Janet went out in front of the house to direct the paramedics when they arrived.

Megan was airlifted to a hospital in San Bernardino where there was a special burn unit. She spent weeks in intensive care with third-degree burns over 40 percent of her little body.

It took months for Megan's life to begin returning to normal. Although she continues to need skin grafts from time to time, Megan's recovery has gone well and she is able to go to school and enjoy other activities. But if it had not been for the quick action of her big sister, she could have died in the fire.

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