'Trying to do his will'

The night before my baptism in December 1977, in the midst of a family celebration, my husband's aunt, Dorothy Cannon, a member of the North Logan 10th Ward, North Logan Utah Stake, drew me aside with some heartfelt advice. She told me always to remember to "never judge the Church by the people." I was amazed at her words. To that point, all the Church members I had met had seemed to me to be wonderful people!

I soon realized what she meant. Immediately after my baptism, I knew I did not want people to judge the Church by me as there was too much I still had to learn, and I did not feel fully like the good example I knew I should be.Over the years I have been in the Church, there have been friends and other fellow members who have given offense, made mistakes (sometimes major ones) and could have led me to doubt my testimony and to become inactive, had I not heeded Aunt Dorothy's advice.

I have come to learn that the Church is organized by a perfect God who nevertheless allows those who are still learning and trying to do His will, to serve in it.

I am forever grateful for the lesson she taught me, and have many times received strength to avoid taking offense and to continue Church activity and to keep my testimony because of it.

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