On the bright side

Most Relief Society presidencies regularly visit members of their wards, especially those who are ill or have problems. But the members of the Relief Society presidency in the Ririe 3rd Ward, Ririe Idaho Stake, have found a special way to bring a little joy into the homes they visit.

When they go visiting they take a guitar and some copies of some old-fashioned, well-known songs. They encourage the family to sing with them some of their favorites.Even if the family members are hesitant to sing in public, with the special spirit these Relief Society sisters bring, the families will participate in the privacy of their homes.

By professional standards these songfests are not noteworthy, but a special spirit is felt as the family and visiting presidency find happiness in sharing music.

These women occasionally have been referred to as the "singing angels" as they have brought joy and happiness to those who are lonely, frightened or suffering. They have not limited their singing visits to only the ward members but to all members of the community who could use some cheering up. It is now considered a privilege to be visited by the singing sisters. One person was even heard to comment, "It was worth getting sick to have them come and visit me."

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