Museum exhibit focuses on martyred brothers

"Brothers in Life, Companions in Death" an exhibit focusing on the martyrdom of Joseph and Hyrum Smith, opened June 23 at the Museum of Church History and Art.

Glen M. Leonard, museum director, called it "an innovative and soul touching exhibit" about the lives - and deaths - of the Prophet and his patriarch brother.The seven-month exhibition will provide "glimpses into the lives of these two men through key images, documents, artifacts, memorabilia and interpretive displays," said project curator Robert Davis.

He said the exhibit is designed to show many aspects of the brothers' personal and Church-centered relationships.

It will consist of four sections: "Youthful Companions and Friends," "Brothers United in Faith," "Men of Mission," and "The Martyrdom: Together in Death."

The exhibit will feature several items never before displayed, including three oil-on-canvas paintings of unknown origin and date: "Hyrum Smith," "Jerusha Barden Smith" (Hyrum's first wife); and John Smith, "The Prophet's Uncle."

As part of its coverage of the 150th anniversary of the martyrdom, the Church News will feature photos from the museum exhibit in a future issue.

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