New LDS radio programs released throughout U.S.

Seven new 30-minute radio programs produced by the Public Affairs Department of the Church have been sent to radio stations throughout the United States.

"Music and Values," "Religion and Democracy," "Community Solutions to Community Problems," "Ethics in Business," "Religion and Media," "Religion and the Environment" and "Media and Values" are part of the award-winning radio series, "Times and Seasons."Producer L. Gerald Pond said the "Times and Seasons" series addresses important moral and social issues.

"Music and Values" examines the effect of music on society and how music reflects various cultures. "It also teaches parents how to help their children select the type of music they listen to," Brother Pond said.

"Religion and Democracy" reminds listeners that one of the most crucial components of democracy is freedom of religion.

"Community Solutions to Community Problems" explores why people offer community service and the type of people who get involved in community service.

"Ethics and Business" looks at honesty in the work place. "Disturbing trends in international and domestic business dealings are reviewed by leading experts," Brother Pond said.

"Religion and Media" notes how mass media help to shape lives. "This program documents how religious institutions are now part of the media world. Many religions have moved into electronic media in an effort to spread their messages," Brother Pond explained.

"Religion and the Environment" reminds listeners that a fundamental aspect of the environmental movement is often overlooked - the role of religion.

"Media and Values" reviews how people communicated through art, music and storytelling during ancient times. "Today's technology allows the media to be a powerful force in shaping society's values," Brother Pond noted.

Free program transcripts are available by calling (800) 453-3860, extension 4612. Cassette copies of each program are available for $1 each from the Salt Lake Distribution Center, 1999 W. 1700 South, Salt Lake City, Utah 84104.

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