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150 years ago

Although the shock of the martyrdom of the Prophet Joseph Smith and his brother, Hyrum, lingered, the work of the Church carried on in July 1844, according to History of the Church 7:183-185.

On July 11, Elder Willard Richards "called upon Elder Parley P. Pratt, likewise Brothers Samuel Russell, Hiram Kimball and Stephen Markham; also upon Brother Elijah Fordham, to inquire about the lumber for the [Nauvoo] Temple.

"Elders Brigham Young and Orson Pratt traveled to Peterboro, for the purpose of attending conference.

"Elders Kimball, Wight and others went to Wilmington, and preached in the evening: several saints from Chester County were present.

"Elder Wilford Woodruff preached in Boston this evening, and endeavored to console the saints who were mourning the lost of the martyred Prophet and Patriarch."

The following was extracted from President Brigham Young's journal, referring to meetings July 13-14: "Had a very good time at conference all day. The brethren were very glad to see us, and the Lord gave us many good things to say to them. I preached to the saints and showed the organization and establishment of the kingdom of God upon the earth; that the death of one or a dozen could not destroy the priesthood, nor hinder the work of the Lord from spreading throughout all nations.

"Held three meetings, ordained 28 elders. We enjoyed ourselves well, and had an excellent conference."

Quote from the past

"No one possesses power in himself to bear off the work of God and build up the Lord's kingdom. It is His work, and the Lord will accomplish it by the means He will employ." - President Brigham Young, in an address given Aug. 19, 1860, in the Bowery on Temple Square.

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