This week in Church history

25 years ago

A new look for the Hill Cumorah pageant, "America's Witness for Christ," was ready to be unveiled, according to the June 28, 1969, issue of the Church News.According to the article:

"Workmen are busy installing a new electrical system for better lighting, and new and larger water curtains. Trees have been removed from the sides of the outdoor stage, offering a better view for more people of the colorful show." Additional improvements included new restrooms, enhanced parking and a new culinary water system.

All of the improvements were to help accommodate ever-increasing crowds to the pageant, which had been held annually since 1937, except an interruption during World War II.

In 1969, "America's Witness for Christ" ran July 28-Aug. 2, with a volunteer cast and crew of 500 people.

"Visitors to the Hill Cumorah pageant this year will enjoy new facilities and a bigger and better production," the article concluded.

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