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25 years ago

The Tabernacle Choir performed before 30,000 people at the San Diego Stadium July 18, 1969, in a "Happy Birthday Salute" to the Southern California city, reported the July 26, 1969, issue of the Church News.The choir's performance was "dedicated to the 2 million and more citizens of San Diego," the article said.

Continued the story: "Almost a highlight of the beautiful singing was the unusually successful sound amplification. Despite the fact that one battery of speakers faced the crowd over first base and the other faced over third base, the sound was so balanced that it seemed to come directly from the singers on stage."

While in San Diego for less than 24 hours, choir members participated in several other birthday celebration events, including a formal dinner and cruise in San Diego Harbor.

"Indeed, everything combined to make for one of the happiest birthday parties in which the Tabernacle Choir has ever participated - and it must have also been a happy birthday for everyone involved from San Diego."

Quote from the past

"There is no cure for the ills of the world except the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. Our hope for peace, for temporal and spiritual prosperity, and for an eventual inheritance in the kingdom of God is found only in and through the restored gospel." - President Joseph Fielding Smith, in an address given April 6, 1972, at the 142nd annual General Conference of the Church.

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