LDS governor serves in Taiwan

Jien-Nien Chen, elected governor of Taitung County in Taiwan last December, isn't evasive about his religion.

"In my family, we have a religious belief. We are Christians, we belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints," Brother Chen said, reviewing the thoughts he often shared during his campaign for the governor's office. "When we encounter frustrations and difficulties, all family members are able to face those hardships by applying the teaching of our Church doctrine and through our personal prayers. We have resolved many rough situations by going through that process."Our Church is strong on family values; we emphasize that no other success can compensate for the failure of a family. That teaching is also the most important factor in how we as spouses, as parents and as children maintain a close family tie. That is because we all accept this teaching wholeheartedly."

Brother Chen said he faced the election campaign with a spirit of unconditional service and with integrity to win the people's support and friendship. He expressed a willingness to render long-term service to the county in terms of time, energy and other resources.

He and his wife, Yu Xia Huang Chen, agree that being a representative of the people is not for fame nor power, but for service.

Before entering government service, Brother Chen graduated from Kaohsiung Medical School and majored in pharmacy. He was a salesperson and school teacher before entering public office, first as a province and county councilman, and now as county governor.

The Chens joined the Church in 1978 and Brother Chen has served as a branch president.

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