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25 years ago

More than 3,000 people were visiting the Mormon Pavilion at the Montreal Fair each day, reported the Aug. 9, 1969, issue of the Church News.

"It is a new experience for so many of the visitors to see the Church pavilion," said Elder Bernard P. Brockbank, Assistant to the Twelve, who was supervising activities at the pavilion. "Many people are not acquainted with the Church, and our display is an excellent introduction."

The Montreal Fair theme was "Man and his World." It was housed in the facilities that formerly housed Expo '67.

"The announcement last March that Montreal would hold another fair stirred the interest of the missionaries serving in the area," the article explained. It seemed to the elders to be a good idea to make contact and see if the Church could use one of the buildings. After some delay, permission was granted, and displays were constructed to fill the 11,000 square feet of available space.

"Many say the Mormon Pavilion is one of the finest at the fair," noted Elder Brockbank.

Quote from the past

"Let us remember the covenants we have made to bear one another's burdens and to succor each according to his need." - President Spencer W. Kimball, in an address given April 1, 1978, at the welfare session of general conference.

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