Invite Savior into classroom

Scripture teaching: The primary goal of every teacher in the Church Educational System should be to help students learn how to read and study the scriptures themselves so that the student can feel the Spirit teaching them the important truths of the gospel. The Lord has promised great blessings to all who seek and knock and ask.

Teacher presentation: There are times when the teacher needs to talk and the students need to listen. We call this the lecture method. This method takes a lot of criticism but can be effective. Imparting information, illustration and clarification, summarizing and bearing testimony, all can be done effectively.- Writing and group work: When planned, writing and group work can enhance learning. This gives students time to reflect their personal feelings and gives great feedback for both the teacher and the students.

These three skills will not work if one thing is overlooked and that is teaching by the Spirit of the Lord. You will be a better teacher if you invite the Savior into your classroom.

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