BYU is seeking World War II liberators of Holocaust victims

BYU is looking for World War II veterans who helped liberate Holocaust victims from Nazi death camps. They will be recognized for their humanitarian service at the 25th annual Scholars' Conference on the Holocaust and the Churches, scheduled March 5-8, 1995, at BYU.

A small group of veterans will be selected to represent the death camp liberators on a discussion panel."If you were directly involved in efforts to free the Jewish prisoners we would like to hear from you," said BYU professor Gloria L. Cronin, a member of the organizing committee. "We would like your testimony of these events."

Professor Cronin may be reached by mail at 2726 Edgewood Dr., Provo, Utah, 84604, or by phone at (801) 373-4661 evenings.

The theme of the conference is "Remembrance, Repentance, and Reconciliation," and will reflect perspectives about the liberation of 50 years ago.

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