Book of Mormon: Witness of Christ

The Lord Himself declared the purposes of the Book of Mormon. For those who take these purposes and implement them into the design of their lessons, they will find that teaching the Book of Mormon is a spiritually rich and rewarding experience.

Teaching the Book of Mormon for purposes other than those stated by the Lord can be intellectually stimulating, but miss the mark. In any other book, missing the mark would be "too bad." But with the Book of Mormon, the mark is Christ, and missing it is a mistake of eternal consequences.Years ago, our position was to declare Joseph Smith as a Prophet of Jesus Christ. Now we must declare the divinity of Christ and then teach about His prophets. Latter-day Saints are in an important and unique position to teach the reality that Jesus is the Christ because they have the greatest witness for Him - the Book of Mormon.

After completing the book, one message stands out - all men need a Savior.

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