Through the eyes of a child


"I love to sing the hymns of the Church. They make me happy." - Ephraim Pito, 11."I know that singing is also a prayer to express all of my joy and my gratitude toward my Heavenly Father for His love, for the blessings that He gives me. The sweet melody softens my heart and gives me peace." - Helene Abbasse, 8.

"I can feel the peace when I sing. Singing is also a prayer. There are messages of the gospel in the hymns. I am strengthened and I am encouraged to live the principles taught in these messages." - Ilona Abbasse, 10.

"I love to feel the peace, the love and the joy in singing the hymns and songs. I love to worship Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ by singing. I thank our Heavenly Father for giving us the hymns and songs. I thank Him also for creating this beautiful world." - Heirani Tefan, 10.

"I know that the hymns are important for the Sabbath day. I know that the hymns and the songs are blessings from our Heavenly Father." - William Temahuki, 12.

"When I sing the hymns, I can feel the kind of peace as when I read the scriptures. The words of the songs remind me of gospel messages, and the greatness and the goodness of God. I learn in singing to bring myself to Him. Singing makes everything around me live in my heart. Singing chases the clouds and the storms from my heart. It teaches me to feel better, have confidence and to be a worker. It reminds me of my duties each day and teaches me about my relations with my neighbor." - Jared Peltzer, 11.

"The time when we sing is a time of reverence, but we must not play or talk, but sing. When one sings a hymn, one can feel peace. Singing brings peace even if you're troubled. We should respect the hymns." - Matthieu Tuahivaa, 10.

"This theme is good because I like to sing wherever I go, whether at the Church or elsewhere. The songs that I learn at Primary are beautiful. It is most easy for me to find the message in the song, `We Thank Thee, O God, for a Prophet.' Here is the message: you must be thankful for a prophet." - Lee-Yen Tefan, 8.

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