This week in Church history

150 years ago

The Council of the Twelve, members of the Temple and Nauvoo House committees and "other elders" met at the home of President Brigham Young in Nauvoo, Ill., on Aug. 24, 1844, according to History of the Church 7:261.As the Brethren convened, it was determined that President Young should "take such measures as should seem best to gather men and means to this place to complete the temple."

Other business included the setting apart and blessing of Elder Wilford Woodruff for his mission to England.

The next day, Sunday Aug. 25, Elder Woodruff addressed the saints in Nauvoo, calling upon the people to "be united in building upon the foundation which the Prophet Joseph has laid."

He exhorted: "Inasmuch as you will be united in heart, mind and action in supporting your counselors, the authorities of the Church, the priesthood of God, and follow the counsel given you, as you have endeavored to follow the counsel of the Prophet while he was living, you will be safe and blessed and will prosper; but if you are divided and reject the counsel of God you will fall: union and faithfulness is your salvation.

"You have been led by one of the best men that ever graced humanity or tabernacled in flesh; but he has gone; he has sealed his testimony with his blood; he loved this people unto death."

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