Church donates rice to Laos

A donation of rice to the Front D'Edification Nationale Lao of the Lao government led to a public expression of gratitude to the Church in Laos media recently.

Bolivong Vongdara, chief of the cabinet of the Front, acknowledged the kindness of the Church and expressed appreciation in the presence of reporters from national newspapers, radio stations and television stations. Elder Kwok Yuen Tai, a member of the Seventy and counselor in the Asia Area presidency, represented the Church at the presentation ceremony.The Church's Thailand Bangkok office purchased the rice from mills in Nong Khai, Thailand. A three-truck caravan carried the rice over the Mekong River on the recently opened Friendship Bridge to the designated warehouse in Vientiane, Laos, and it was officially delivered to the Front on July 22. To help with the delivery of the rice to poor areas, mostly upcountry, the Church also contributed cash to aid in the distribution costs.

Elder Tai reported that the Church has agreed to send a shipment of used clothing to Laos. "We have many Laotian members in the United States who will welcome the growing friendship with the government of Laos," Elder Tai reported.

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