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Europe/Mediterranean Area

BYU group well-received CASABLANCA, MOROCCO - BYU's Young Ambassadors were well-received as they performed here and in Rabat, Morocco, as well as in various locations in Tunisia and Spain during a recent tour. The 17 performers were recorded by national television in both Morocco and Tunisia, and were hosted by the U.S ambassadors of each country.The theme of the Young Ambassadors' show was "Tapestry: Weaving the Colors of Life."

Before the group's performance in Rabat, Morocco, the group was featured on the news program of Morocco's national television network. Because of the publicity, more than 500 people were turned away after the theater reached its capacity.

The Young Ambassadors also performed at Malaga, Grenada, and Cadiz in Spain.

Europe North Area

7 Irish serve in England

LONDON, ENGLAND - Seven missionaries from Ireland are serving in the England London South Mission, the largest group from Ireland to serve in a British mission in memory, according to mission Pres. Van F. Dunn Jr.

"Being of Irish ancestry, I have a special interest in the missionaries," said Pres. Dunn. "We are grateful for the dedication and commitment to the work these fine missionaries display. They are blessing lives and strengthening testimonies."

John Connolly, director of public affairs, said the six elders and the one sister "demonstrate great enthusiasm for the work."

While most of the missionaries are lifetime members, two are converts of the last few years.

One of these, Elder Stephen McNally, the second missionary to be called from the Bray Branch, commented, "I have so much to achieve in such a small space of time."

Brazil Area Supplies donated for homeless


The Boa Viagem Brazil Stake recently donated food and toys to help reduce suffering of the homeless, including children, who live in the inner city of Recife.

DeMar Stanicia, director of public affairs of the Brazil Area, said, "The activity was for every stake member. Even children donated their toys." Young Women and Relief Society members wrapped the donations. Regional and stake directors of public affairs provided transportation for delivering the items.

North America Central Area

Quarterback speaks at fireside


Ty Detmer, a backup quarterback for the Green Bay Packers professional football team and BYU's Heisman Trophy winner, spoke to about 200 people at a missionary fireside recently at the Wisconsin Rapids Branch.

He was introduced by Rocky Biegel, a former teammate who graduated from a local high school. In his remarks, Detmer discussed the transition from college to professional football and the pressures of the game, and the importance of having a strong family.

"The strength of the family is the most powerful thing," he said. "The family can survive anything if there's love in the family and faith in Christ." "This event was the most successful missionary effort we have ever had in this branch," said Eloise Jarman, branch director of public affairs.

North America Northwest Area

Primary children visit temple


About 60 Primary children and their leaders from the Asian Branch of the Tacoma Washington South Stake recently visited the Seattle Temple grounds. The group, which is mostly Cambodian, was taken on a tour of the temple grounds and viewed several new brides and grooms being photographed on the grounds.

"It was wonderful," said branch Pres. Samath An, who said he hoped the visit would help spread interest in going to the temple throughout the branch, and among the children's parents. The branch's first Cambodian branch presidency and Primary presidency were recently sustained, he said.

North America Northeast Area

New mission brings interest


Publicity generated by the creation of a new mission here is opening doors in central New York. The establishment of the New York Utica Mission was commemorated July 1 at an open house for neighbors, community leaders and the media in the Utica region. The open house was held at the new mission home.

The event strengthened relations between the Church and community and has already had an impact on missionary opportunities, according to Bishop Robert Malczyk of the Utica Ward, Syracuse New York Stake.

Visitors to the open house included Oneida County Executive Ray Meier and Supervisor William Berry of the town of Whitestown. Pres. Dallas Jones of the Syracuse New York Stake said despite the Church's historic links in upstate New York, few people know much about the Church. He said the open house was a "once in a lifetime opportunity" to help bring the Church out of obscurity in the area.

North America Southwest Area

`Gang up on gangs'


A three-hour community meeting on combating the influence of gangs, called "Gang up on Gangs," was held in the Houston Texas East Stake recently. About 250 community residents and leaders attended and heard police experts explain what the public can do to help reduce what has become a serious problem in Houston and many other cities.

The meeting was a service project for the southeast community in Houston, where the Church has nine wards and five branches.

Helen Sauerhage, stake community service specialist, coordinated the effort with the Police Outreach Division. Judy Yeager, stake director of public affairs, invited 20 civic club leaders, 30 school administrators, and several religious leaders from community congregations.

Utah North Area

Celebrates birthday serving

SANDY, UTAH - Elder L. Tom Perry of the Council of the Twelve celebrated his 72nd birthday Aug. 5 by harvesting and weeding at the Sandy Utah Central Stake farm, along with 150 youth of the stake. Elder Perry was accompanied by his wife, Barbara, and Elder John E. Fowler of the Seventy, president of the Utah North Area, said stake Pres. E. Kent Pulsipher.

A gift and cake were presented to Elder Perry, and Elder Perry responded with a short address to the youth. He reminded them how much can be produced by a few seeds, and told them that through good deeds and kind acts, they, like seeds, can reap a great harvest. He also noted that he and his wife have raised a garden each year since their marriage.

Pres. Pulsipher said the stake farm produces more than 66,000 pounds of vegetables for the bishop's storehouse.

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