Pioneer legacies are commemorated

Hundreds of children in the Monroe Utah Stake participated in a Pioneer Day Primary parade the evening of July 22, kicking off a three-day celebration commemorating the sacrifices and faithfulness of the early pioneers.

Youngsters sauntered down Monroe's Main Street dressed in pioneer garb, and as early prophets and scriptural personalities.Monroe, originally called Fort Alma, was founded 130 years ago by LDS settlers who first lived in dugout huts until cabins could be erected. Elder Orson Hyde visited Fort Alma in May 1864. The early history of the community is remembered and shared through music, talks and games as part of the annual Pioneer Day celebration.

In addition to the Primary parade, the stake also sponsored a deep-pit barbecue on Friday, attended by some 1,600 people, and a flag-raising ceremony conducted by the Monroe 4th Ward.

A larger parade took place Saturday July 23, with participation from throughout the community. The top Church award was given for a float by the Elsinore Ward. Recognized for his service to the Church and community was parade grand marshal Clifford Jones, a former bishop and stake president who is a lifetime resident of Monroe. Many in the community also joined in for a 5-mile running race on Saturday.

"We appreciate all the volunteer work that helped make the barbecue and other events so successful," said Pres. Wayne Jenkins of the Monroe stake. "Without the help of the brothers, sisters and youth, the dinner couldn't have been accomplished."

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