Living by the scriptures

I had read these verses in 1 Nephi several times prior, but as I read them when I was at the Missionary Training Center, the Lord helped me look at them in a different light. I tried picturing myself in Lehi's position, trying to understand, and relating his situation to my situation as a missionary.

These scriptures show Lehi's willingness to turn his life over to the Lord. (Mosiah 3:19, Matt. 16:24-26.) Lehi was a prosperous man and he gave up his material possessions for a "tent" in the wilderness because the Lord commanded him to do so.I realized from reading these scriptures that I and thousands of other missionaries have left our homes, families, and worldly treasures, not knowing what to expect, but willing to trust the Lord and to follow His command. If we all continually strive to be as humble, submissive, faithful, and diligent as Lehi and Nephi, the Lord will prosper and bless us, leading us out of this mortal wilderness into eternal life in His presence.

By reading these scriptures, I have learned that we truly can apply every verse in the Book of Mormon to our lives. - Elder Jared Tolman, Knoxville, Tenn.

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