This week in Church history

50 years ago

Young Church members in the city of Campinas, Brazil, presented a program on the life of the Prophet Joseph Smith that received widespread favorable attention, reported the Sept. 9, 1944, issue of the Church News.About 450 attended the presentation, according to the article. Between acts of the drama, other entertainment was provided by local members.

"The scene where the boy prophet knelt in the grove and pleaded with our Father in heaven for information concerning the true church was especially touching," said Pres. William W. Seegmiller of the Brazilian Mission. "The scenery was very beautiful and attracted much attention. The grove in which the boy received his first visitation was so well arranged that it seemed as if we were at the spot where the Lord talked to Joseph for the first time. . . . "There has been so much favorable comment about these programs by the people of Campinas that there is a demand now that we should rent a theater where the attendance could be doubled.

People tell us that it would not be difficult to have one thousand spectators. . . .

"There are more people hearing the gospel in the city of Campinas through the programs presented by our young people than missionaries could possibly reach through years of labor."

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