Daniel's four visions tell of future events

Daniel was given the ability to interpret dreams and to reveal the future. Chapters 7-12 in the book of Daniel tell of four dreams or visions:

The four beasts and the Ancient of days - Chapter 7. This vision, using the symbolism of four beasts, shows how, at the end, the worldly kingdoms will give way to the kingdom of God.- The ram and the he-goat - Chapter 8. The rams are believed to represent the Medes and Persians; the he-goat represents Greece, which would overrun and subdue them.

The seventy weeks - Chapter 9. In verses 25-26, Gabriel reveals the time of the coming of the Messiah.

The future history, including the latter days - Chapters 11 and 12. This is an account of the vision Daniel received after he fasted three weeks. A panorama of history unfolded before him. Portions of that history can be traced from Daniel's time until the downfall of his people under the Romans. Other portions of the vision pertain to events of the latter days.

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