Filling a great mission -- applying the scriptures

When Mordecai instructed Esther to reveal her Jewish lineage to Ahasuerus, he suggested that she was, perhaps, raised up for a time for the very purpose of saving the lives of her people.

In one of her books, My Neighbor, My Sister, My Friend, Ardeth G. Kapp wrote of how Esther was able to move forward with courage in her great mission.Sister Kapp, a former Young Women general president, wrote of the challenge that Michelangelo faced in creating his sculpture of David: "It was in realizing the importance of David's hard choice and his faith to act that the door for Michelangelo was unlocked, allowing him to decide about his own mission in marble. . . .

"As we make right choices, decisions, and commitments, we are released to move forward at a hastened pace and lengthen our stride. If we remain motionless on the brink of indecision we allow our voice, our example, our potential for good to be held imprisoned, as it were, in a slab of marble. Our testimonies, our commitments, and our covenants may lie deep inside, but until we can cut away all the debris that obscures this treasure, it cannot be recognized by others or even trusted by ourselves.

"As we seek divine direction, we will find our own blocks of marble to be more magnificent, with greater potential, than we have yet realized. Then, when the history of this era is reviewed, it might be said of us, as it was of Queen Esther, `Who knoweth whether thou art come to the kingdom for such a time as this?' (Esth. 4:14.)"

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