This week in Church history

150 years ago

Threats of mob violence against the Saints in Nauvoo, Ill., and surrounding areas persisted in September 1844, according to History of the Church 7:270.

In the words of President Brigham Young: "There are many reports concerning the movements of the mob; who are making preparations for what they call a `wolf hunt' on the 26th and 27th of this month; but the general apprehension is that they design coming and attempting to drag some more authorities of the Church out to Carthage to murder them."

Despite challenges from within and without, President Young and other leaders continued carrying on the work of the Church and in ministering to their fellow Saints.

On Sept. 10, Elder Orson Hyde started for Kirtland, Ohio, to conduct business there. On Saturday, Sept. 14, President Young joined Elders Heber C. Kimball and George A. Smith in paying a visit to Sister Hyrum Smith. "Elder Amasa M. Lyman being very sick and reported to be dying, Brothers Kimball, George A. Smith and I retired to my upper room and prayed for him: he was healed from that very hour," recorded President Young.

Quote from the past

"The work of God will go on and prosper and increase, and the Lord will be with Israel if they will only cleave to the truth, obey His laws and keep His commandments. . . . Let me say unto you that our only safety is in obedience to the laws of God." - President John Taylor, in an address given Dec. 11, 1881, in the Assembly Hall on Temple Square.

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