Members encouraged to attend temple

In his remarks Sunday morning, Sept. 18, at the regional conference here, President Howard W. Hunter spoke on a theme that has quickly become a hallmark of his presidency as he emphasized the importance of the temple and of members being worthy of temple recommends.

He said: "We hope that every member of the Church age 12 and over is worthy of and carries a current temple recommend. Yes, even our young people can qualify to receive a temple recommend to do baptisms for the dead. We encourage the adults present, who have received the ordinances of the temple, to live according to the covenants they have made. We should be obedient to the sacred and eternal promises made with the Lord in His holy house."To those who have not received their temple blessings, or who do not hold a current temple recommend, may I encourage you in all humility and love to work toward the day that you can enter into the house of the Lord. . . .

"In this regard, may I encourage the adults who have current temple recommends to attend the temple on a regular basis. Make sure in your planning that you include a visit to the temple as often as personal circumstances will allow. I promise you that your personal spirituality, relationship with your husband or wife and family relationships will be blessed and strengthened as you regularly attend the temple."

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