Living by the scriptures

"To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:" - Eccl. 3:1.

The full impact of the doctor's diagnosis was awesome! I needed an immediate hip replacement and possibly a second one in the future.As I thought about what was ahead, I realized it wasn't the actual surgery and all it entailed that bothered me. My own strong faith and prayers and those close to me would sustain me through the painful experience, but it was thinking about all the changes that would result.

I felt sad when I was released from my special calling as a Primary teacher. Serving as a visiting teacher had to be put on hold. My weekly attendance at the temple with friends would have to be resumed in the future. Missing Church for even a few Sundays wouldn't be my choice.

In the weeks following my surgery I often pondered on the emptiness I felt because of those things I could no longer participate in. As I studied the scriptures I recalled that this one had always been meaningful to me. I quoted it often in the days that followed. It was such a comfort and reassurance.

A month after my surgery I was able to attend sacrament meeting. What a blessing! Afterwards I was surprised when I was asked to accept a new calling - that of ward newsletter editor. It was so perfect for me, something I could work on at home while I was recuperating.

At that moment I recalled the words of the scripture once more, and more fully understood its meaning. - Cleo Price Mollinet, Murray, Utah.

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