Members provide helping hands during southern Brazil flooding

Recent torrential rains in southern Brazil led to flooding of two meetinghouses and damage to the homes of a majority of the members in the Sao Jose Brazil Stake.

On the Sunday when flooding began, leaders held brief sacrament meetings and then asked members to offer their services to those in need. As the torrential rains continued, flooding increased. Members formed committees to search and rescue, and provide food, clothing and transportation. Those in rescue operations risked their lives in chest deep water to help others, said Elder Dallas N. Archibald of the Seventy and president of the Brazil Area. He said the clean-up continued throughout January."The image of the Church is different than before, and so are we," said stake Pres. Jose J.C. Campos. "The Spirit guided us to serve our neighbors as we have been told to, in the way that Christ has shown."

He said that during the floods, the stake had 100 percent home and visiting teaching.

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