Anti-Christs who live today destroy faith, disturb peace

Elder Carlos E. Asay, in October 1981 general conference, spoke of Sherem and other anti-Christs who seek to lead away the children of God.

The Book of Mormon names three anti-Christs: Sherem, in Jacob 7; Nehor, in Alma 1:2-15, and Korihor, in Alma 30:6-21."Each was deceived, each preached against those who believed in Christ, and each sought openly to destroy the church of God," Elder Asay said. "Their patterns of deceit were similar. They taught false doctrines, spread lies, referred to prophecies as foolish traditions, accused Church leaders of perverting the right way of God, and baited the people by referring to their faith as a foolish and vain hope.

"When we read about the anti-Christs of former days, we marvel at how perverted their thinking became and we marvel at how successful they were in deceiving men and women. We also wonder why some of the people were so gullible - so easily misled. And with all this marveling and wondering, we tend to niche the anti-Christs in some corner of ancient history and go about our unguarded ways. This is dangerous. It could result in loss of faith; and, in a spiritual sense, it could put us out of existence. . . .


anti-ChristsT are still among us. . . . These faith-killers and testimony-thieves use personal contacts, the printed word, electronic media, and other means of communication to sow doubts and to disturb the peace of true believers." To avoid being deluded by anti-Christs, Elder Assay counseled members to:

Avoid those who would tear down your faith. "The seeds which they plant in the minds and hearts of men grow like cancer and eat away the Spirit. . . ."

Keep the commandments. "Obedience ensures us of the guidance and protection of the Holy Spirit."

Follow the living prophets. "We walk in uncharted mine fields and place our souls in jeopardy when we receive the teachings of anyone except he that is ordained of God. (See D&C 43:2-7; 52:9.)

Do not contend or debate over points of doctrine. "The Master warned that `the spirit of contention is not of me, but is of the devil.' (3 Ne. 11:29.)"

Search the scriptures. "Few of us would go astray or lose our way if we regarded the scriptures as our personal guide or compass." (See Alma 37:44.)

Do not be swayed or diverted from the mission of the Church. "The Savior's decisive response, `Get thee hence, Satan' (Matt. 4:10), is a proper example for all of us."

Pray for your enemies. "There are many who are kept from the truth - not because they don't want it, but because they know not where to find it."

Practice pure religion. "Involve yourself in Christian service. Succor the needs of the sick and poor; visit the fatherless and widows, and be charitable to all whether in the Church or out of the Church." (See James 1:27 and Alma 1:30.)

Rely on faith. "Faith is the first principle of the gospel; it is a principle of progress."

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