Great army needed to carry message of hope, salvation

Amazed by calling

Witnessed revelation- Felt outpouring of Spirit

Proudly announcing the birth of a great-granddaughter just 30 minutes before he spoke, Elder David B. Haight of the Quorum of the Twelve pointed out that the little one "is of the 8th generation of people who have believed and accepted what we declare to be right and to be true."

Speaking Saturday afternoon, Elder Haight told of an incident that occurred at the turn of the century when Count Leo Tolstoy, ambassador from Russia to Germany, met with U.S. Ambassador Dr. Andrew White. Count Tolstoy told Dr. White that if Mormonism could endure without any changes in that organization, unmodified, through the third and fourth generation, that it will become the greatest, and the strongest and the most powerful influence in the world.

During his address, Elder Haight reminisced about many of the experiences he has had since being called as an Assistant to the Twelve "26 years ago today."

"After that call was extended to me and I walked down the granite steps of the Administration Building, I was in amazement and wondering how could this happen, how could this come to me."

Going to the Hotel Utah, where his wife, Ruby, was visiting with some family, the newly called Church leader took her hand and walked her along the hallway. "All I could do was squeeze her hand because I was so overcome with what had happened. I had trouble even getting words out.

"I looked at her and put my arms on her shoulder, and I told her what had happened to us. She started to cry, and the two of us stood there with our arms around one another."

The next day, after Elder Haight took his seat with the other General Authorities, the Tabernacle Choir sang "O Divine Redeemer." "I thought my heart would burst, that it would break."

Elder Haight also related the experience when, in the Salt Lake Temple, President Spencer W. Kimball received the revelation on the priesthood. "I was there with the outpouring of the Spirit in that room to such a degree that none of us could speak afterwards . . . because of the powerful outpouring of the heavenly spiritual experiences. It's difficult to even explain."

Soon after, Elder Haight was assigned to a stake conference in Detroit, Mich. "When this plane landed in Chicago, I noticed that a new edition of the Chicago Tribune was on the newsstand. The headline in the paper said, Mormons give blacks priesthood,' and the subheading said,President Kimball claims to have received a revelation.'

"Little did the editor of the newspaper realize when he said `claims to have received a revelation,' little did he know or the printer or the man who put the ink on the press, or who delivered the newspapers - little did they know what I knew because I was a witness to it."

Elder Haight added: "All this work is true. I leave you my love, my witness and pray that you will live and raise your families in such a way that you will all be part of this great army needed to carry the message of hope and salvation to all the world."

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