Abinadi's courage needed to meet today's challenges

Courage like that shown by Abinadi, who suffered death rather than recant his testimony, (see Mosiah 17:9-20) is needed today, Elder Neal A. Maxwell of the Quorum of the Twelve told priesthood bearers at the April 1986 general conference.

He said Latter-day Saints are the "spiritual heirs" of Joseph Smith, "called ages and ages ago - in the there and then' - for the duties which await ushere and now!'"Men and young men of the priesthood, let us be about those duties as doers and messengers. The gospel message is worthy of work like that performed by Ether, `from the morning, even until the going down of the sun.' (Ether 12:3.)

"This work is worthy of sacrifice and courage like that of Abinadi. He suffered death by fire, saying that after I finish my message,' thenit matters not.' (Mosiah 13:9.)

"Doers, said Jesus, will know that these doctrines are of God. (See John 7:17.) Therefore, do not be surprised when non-doers scoff. Do not be surprised, either, if these doctrines unsettle some. Such was the case when the ancient Apostles filled Jerusalem with their doctrines. (See Acts 5:28.) And when Jesus focused His hearers on doctrines, `they were astonished at his doctrine.' (Matt. 22:33.) The only cure for the doctrinal illiteracy of those who murmur will be to learn doctrine." (See Isa. 29:24.)

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