New stake presidencies

Two new stakes have been created, in Chile and Spain.

The Curico Chile Rauquen Stake, which includes the Bombero Garrido, Cerro Condell, El Boldo, Piedra Blanca, Rauquen, Teno and Villa La Paz wards, and the Licanten and Rauco branches, has been created by Elder Julio H. Jaramillo of the Seventy.The Elche Spain Stake, which includes the Alicante 2nd, Cartagena 1st and 2nd, Elche 1st and 2nd, and Murcia wards, and the Alicante 1st, Crevillente, Lorca and Orihuela branches, has been created by Elder F. Burton Howard of the Seventy.

Elsewhere, stakes have been reorganized in Chile and Colombia, and in California, Hawaii, New York, Oklahoma and Utah.

New stake

CURICO CHILE RAUQUEN STAKE: (Oct. 12, 1997) Created from the Curico Chile Stake. President - Nelson Adolfo Vasquez C., 36, teacher and administrator for Spanish Stadium; wife, Elina Del Carmen Aguero A. de Vasquez. Counselors - Juan Andres Gonzalez G., 30, salesman for Imprenta Orion; wife, Marcela de Las Mercedes C. de Gonzalez. Segundo David Jara T., 29, teacher for Fundacion Crate; wife, Adriana Del Rosario Pinera C. de Jara.

ELCHE SPAIN STAKE: (Nov. 9, 1997) Created from the Alicante Spain and Murcia Spain districts. President - Manuel Parreno R., 43, regional coordinator; wife, Maria Madgalena Pinol R. de Parreno. Counselors - Rafael Mateu G., 41, manager for Orocaja Graphics S.L.; wife, Maria Fernandez M. de Mateu. Juan Rico V., 33, risk analyst for Mispanoamericano Central Bank, S.A.; wife, Maria Gracia Munoz A. de Rico.

Stake reorganizations

CURICO CHILE STAKE: (Oct. 12, 1997) President - Adolfo Anselmo Montalban R., 37, self-employed salesman; succeeding Nelson Adolfo Vasquez Carrasco; wife, Sara Rosa Luna R. de Montalban. Counselors - Eduardo Walter Berrios V., 27, self-employed designer; wife, Dania Del Carmen Gonzalez S. de Berrios. Meliton Jorge Soza A., 33, maintenance administrator for Arrocera Tucapel; wife, Lilana Del Rosario Orellana G. de Soza.

LAIE HAWAII NORTH STAKE: (Nov. 9, 1997) President - Santiago Wilfred Navalta, 52, professor and head coach at BYU-Hawaii; succeeding Leslie Steward; wife, Tauria Hall Navalta. Counselors - Siotame Fonua Lauaki, 45, self-employed; wife, LaRue Laugeomakana Tripp Lauaki. Robert Akoi Jr., 44, executive director for Polynesian Cultural Center; wife, Hiromi Ikeda Akoi.

NEW YORK NEW YORK STAKE: (Nov. 9, 1997) President - Brent Jay Belnap, 36, lawyer for Paul, Hastings, Janofsky & Walker; succeeding John Roger Stone; wife, Lorinda Goff Belnap. Counselors - Clinton Scott Baxter, 36, director of investment for Salomon Brothers Inc.; wife, Kristen Frederickson Baxter. David Santamaria, 33, clothing sample maker for Wathne Ltd.; wife, Patricia Elizabeth Franco Santamaria.

NORMAN OKLAHOMA STAKE: (Nov. 16, 1997) President - Richard S. Wilson, 55, regional coordinator for Church Educational System; succeeding H. Jerrell Chesney; wife, Carolyn Sylvia Nelson Wilson. Counselors - K. Kent Richardson, 56, broker associate for Don Cies Real Estate; wife, Barbara Jo McLees Richardson. Robert Christopher Keyes, 39, owner of Associated Environmental; wife, Sandra Lee Butts Keyes.

OGDEN UTAH WEBER STAKE: (Nov. 9, 1997) President - Armel Owen Beardall, 53, religion education for Church Educational System; succeeding LeRoy Clawson Milne; wife, Sharon Tonya Marziale Beardall. Counselors - Scott Grant Anderson, 51, director of northern region faculty management for Intermountain Health Care; wife, Vickie Jeanne Moore Anderson. Lindsay Shepard Curtis, 53, dentist; wife, Kathryn Pauline Larsen Curtis.

ROSEVILLE CALIFORNIA STAKE: (Nov. 9, 1997) President - Michael Powell Mullen, 49, oral and maxillofacial surgeon; succeeding Jay Alan Taylor; wife, Ann Marie Hansen Mullen. Bruce Willard Stephenson, 48, shareholder and attorney at Bartig Basler & Ray; wife, Debra Myers Stephenson. James Randolph Davis, 43, IT finance manager for Setter Health; wife, Mary Jeghe Conrad Davis.

VALPARAISO CHILE STAKE: (Oct. 26, 1997) President - Fernando Ariel Dinamarca T., 46, retired from Chilean Navy as electronic weapons expert; succeeding Dante Sanguineti Molina; wife, Hilda Llanos B. de Dinamarca. Counselors - Mauricio Esteban Lamartine A., 30, self-employed contractor; wife, Paola Andrea Sanguineti C. de Lamartine. Ricardo Enrique Hidalgo B., 41, self-employed salesman; wife, Patricia Gloria Segovia A. de Hidalgo.

VALPARAISO CHILE SOUTH STAKE: (Oct. 12, 1997) President - Luis Orlando Valdes V., 30, construction supervisor for Church area office; succeeding Juan Daniel Campillay Gomolan; wife, Carol Pilar Yanez A. de Valdes. Counselors - Pedro Enriquez Perez C., 35, shipping coordinator for Saam S.A.; wife, Rosa Del Carmen Mardones R. de Perez. Ernesto Segundo Pereira H., 53, garment industry worker for Eveleganz; wife, Malfalda Frez A. de Pereira.

BUCARAMANGA COLOMBUA STAKE: (June 8, 1997) President - Edgar Angel Mantilla V. , 37, installer for Rangel Camargo Construction; succeeding Israel Moreno Fletcher; wife, Claudia Patricia Arciniegas de Mantilla. Counselors - Carlos Alberto Cardona A., 35, regional manager for Time Center; wife, Angela Maria Marulanda C. de Cardona. Nelson Ardila V., 31, operations manager for Upac. Colpatria Corp.; wife, Liciana Julieth Duran R. de Ardila.

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