New stake presidencies

Four new stakes have been created, in Argentina and Brazil.

Elder Carlos H. Amado of the Seventy created two new stakes in Argentina, the Buenos Aires Argentina Marcos Paz Stake and the La Plata Argentina Villa Elvira Stake. The new Marcos Paz stake includes the Arco Iris, Loma Grande, Marcos Paz 1st and 2nd and Mariano Acosta wards, and the Ferrari and Las Heras branches. The Villa Elvira stake includes the El Bosque, Los Hornos, Olmos, Villa Elvira and Villa Montoro wards, and the Berisso, Ensenada, La Plata 3rd, and Veronica branches.The Porto Alegre Brazil South Stake, which includes the Cavalhada, Jardim Vila Nova, Nilo Wulff, Nonoai and Nova Restinga wards, and the Belem Novo branch was created by Elder Dallas N. Archibald of the Seventy.

The Trelew Argentina South Stake, which includes the Pellegrini, Rawson 1st, Trelew Centenario, Telew Parque 1st and Union 1st wards, and the Rawson 2nd, Sierra Grande, and Union 3rd branches was created by Elder John B. Dickson of the Seventy.

Elsewhere, stakes have been reorganized in Argentina, Chile, Peru, and Samoa, and in Hawaii and Utah.

New stakes

BUENOS AIRES ARGENTINA MARCOS PAZ STAKE: (Nov. 24, 1996) Created from the Buenos Aires Argentina Merlo Stake. President - Ismael Hector Segovia M., 56, supervisor of regional properties for Church area office; wife, Bertha Matilda Domrose O. de Segovia. Counselors - Victor Manuel Salazar B., 47, paint clerk; wife, Brigida Virginia Del Valle F. de Salazar. Ruben Carlos Alejandro Blanco L., 27, employed by Vainipostre; wife, Silvina Fabiana Caso C. de Blanco.

LA PLATA ARGENTINA VILLA ELVIRA STAKE: (Dec. 1, 1996) Created from the La Plata Argentina Stake. President - Angel Daniel Gatica P., 48, career systems analyst coordinator for Ministry of Education; wife, Rosa Isabel Darias N. de Gatica. Counselors - Francisco Antonio Azar O., 56, retired Argentina Naval non-commissioned chief officer; wife, Raquel Del Carmen Dobarro B. de Azar. Jorge Eduardo Parraga B., 39, design technician for various professional companies; wife, Teresita Alicia Cortes G. de Parraga.

PORTO ALEGRE BRAZIL SOUTH STAKE: (Dec. 1, 1996) Created from the Porto Alegre Brazil Stake. President - Hilario Olmar da Silva, 40, police commissioner; wife, Fatima Elisabete da Silva. Counselors - Sandro de Fraga Ribas, 27, owner of Ribas Cars; wife, Ana Andrea Seraro de Ribas. Luis Edon Iohann, 35, maintenance supervisor for Church area office; wife, Marli Denise Barbosa de Iohann.

TRELEW ARGENTINA SOUTH STAKE: (Dec. 8, 1996) Created from the Trelew Argentina Stake. President - Juan Carlos Pino M., 33, employed by Unilan Trelew S.A. in quality control laboratory; wife, Marta Avila P. de Pino. Counselors - Oscar Alfredo Romero Q., 37, coordinator for Church Educational System; wife, Molinda Haydee Arce M. de Romero. Edgard Fabian Dominquez A., 32, properties supervisor for Church; wife, Patricia Ines Munoz de Dominquez.

Stake reorganizations

BUENOS AIRES ARGENTINA MERLO STAKE: (Nov. 24, 1996) President - Horacio Enrique Adobatto R., 47, police officer; succeeding Manuel Francisco Del Rio; wife, Ana Maria Rodriguez C. de Adobatto. Counselors - Heriberto Loesener, retained. Ruben Osvaldo Martinez A., 44, video cable promotor; wife, Elsa Noemi Guiterrez G. de Martinez.

CHICLAYO PERU EL DORADO STAKE: (Dec. 1, 1996) President - Luis Enrique Villegas V., 33, self-employed; succeeding Javier Delgado Torres; wife, Maria Angelica Quispe M. de Villegas. Counselors - Humberto Quiroz C., 35, chauffeur; wife, Celinda Vasguez B. de Quiroz. Magin Izquierdo H., 43, police officer; wife, Juana Rosa Pena D. de Izquierdo.

KONA HAWAII STAKE: (Feb. 9, 1997) President - Philip A. Harris, 56, owner of P.A. Harris Electric; succeeding Philip Kent Kaiuhuleia Kekauoha; wife, Olvia Freida Ahmu Harris. Counselors - R. William Hastings II, 50, attorney; wife, Judy Lynn Throsseu Hastings. James D. Dumaquin, 51, vice principal of Konawaena High School; wife, Laurai Matearoha Elkington Dumaguin.

LA PLATA ARGENTINA STAKE: (Dec. 1, 1996) President - Esteban Lubomirsky, retained. Counselors - Gustavo Edgardo Tundidor M., 41, medical inspector for Golderma Argentina; wife, Violeta Celia Correa B. de Tundidor. Raul Horacio Carbajo J., 35, properties supervisor for Church area office; wife, Claudia Marcela Pintus B. de Carbajo.

PESEGA SAMOA STAKE: (Dec. 8, 1996) President - Gaugau V. Tavana, 44, principal of Church College of Western Samoa; succeeding Meliula M. Fata; wife, Fiapalagi Lagaaia Tavana. Counselors - Uele Vaaulu, 41, regional manager for temporal affairs in Church area office; wife, Lolini Aloi Vaaulu. Sapele Faalogo Jr., 35, accountant and secretary for Intetrust Limited; wife, Fiona Petata Faalogo.

SALT LAKE HIGHLAND STAKE: (Feb. 2, 1997) President - Justin D. Bell, 39, manufacturers sales representative for Gem Pack; succeeding Ralph Lynn Dewsnup; wife, Liane Ellertson Bell. Counselors - Louis L. Zundel, 64, owner of insurance agency; wife, Vivian Williams Zundel. Dorian E. Glauser, 51, works in sales for Wasatch Photographic Inc.; wife, Kathryn Roseanne Peck Glauser.

TEMUCO CHILE NIELOL STAKE: (Dec. 1, 1996) President - Carlos Edmundo Krebs G., 38, independent contractor; succeeding Roberto Alarcon Navarrete; wife, Florencia Alicia Suazo R. de Krebs. Counselors - Claudio Ivan Contreras M., 34, administrative accountant for Soc. Periodistica Araucania S.A.; wife, Leonor Parra M. de Contreras. Hector Rolando Gonzalez S., 37, self-employed bus driver; wife, Gabriela Irene Contreras N. de Gonzalez.

TRELEW ARGENTINA NORTH STAKE (FORMERLY TREWLEW ARGENTINA STAKE): (Dec. 8, 1996) President - Oscar Daniel Filipponi, retained. Counselors - Oscar Antonio Moras, retained. Miguel Angel Cortez S., 40, president of workers cooperative; wife, Alina Rebeca Ocampo F. de Cortez.

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