New stake presidencies

Two new stakes have been created in Chile.

The Copiapo Chile East Stake, which includes the Los Carrera, Los Minerales, Los Pimientos, Maray and Tierra Amarilla wards, and the El Inca and Paipote branches, has been created by Elder Jerald L. Taylor of the Seventy.The Quilpue Chile Marga Marga Stake, which includes the El Retiro, Las Rosas, Marga Marga, Quilpue Centro and Thompson wards, and the Castillo Blanco and Victoria branches, has been created by Elder Julio E. Otay, an Area Authority Seventy.

Elsewhere, stakes have been reorganized in Chile and Ghana, and in California, Florida, Idaho, Virginia and Utah.

New stakes

COPIAPO CHILE EAST STAKE: (May 4, 1997) Created from the Copiapo Chile Stake. President - Leonardo Esteban Lufi M., 38, engineer for Gold Mining Company; wife, Liliana Del Carmen Padilla A. de Lufi. Counselors - Carlos Gomez N., 44, self-employed insurance salesman; wife, Yolanda Martinez C. de Gomez. Enrique Narciso Perez A., 28, insurance salesman for National Insurance Co.; wife, Gillian Astorga G. de Perez.

QUILPUE CHILE MARGA MARGA STAKE: (May 18, 1997) Created from the El Belloto Chile, and Quilpue Chile Stakes. President - Ivan Robinson Letelier C., 28, reception and dispatch manager for Tres Monte Corp.; wife, Enid Denise Serey C. de Letelier. Counselors - Horacio Luis Henriquez S., 44, projectionist; wife, Alicia Victoria del Rosario Astudillo S. de Henriquez. Guillermo Eugenio Acuna V., 36, partner in National Life Insurance Co.; wife, Jessica Ester Aurora Valenzuela M. de Acuna.

Stake reorganizations

ANDERSON CALIFORNIA STAKE: (June 8, 1997) President - Bryan Kell Edwards, 40, owner of Big O Tires; succeeding Verlund K Spencer; wife, Sharon Pennie Brimhall Edwards. Counselors - Laron A. Johnson, 57, supervising court reporter for Shasta County Courts; wife, Barbara Jean Whitley Johnson. Leon D. Malcolm, 53, president and director of Med-Legal Bureau Inc.; wife, Kerry Louisa Oswald Malcolm.

CAPE COAST GHANA STAKE: (May 8, 1997) President - Stephen A. Kwaw, 56, accountant for Ceredoc; succeeding Kenneth K. Andam; wife, Elizabeth Dadson Kwaw. Counselors - William E. Daniel Acquah, retained. Andrew Christian Coleman, 59, deputy administrative secretary/legal officer; wife, Rose Anaman Coleman.

COPIAPO CHILE STAKE: (May 4, 1997) President - Sergio Mora Oviedo, retained. Counselors - Guido Castillo B., 48, private guard for Cia. Telecommunications of Chile; wife, Mireya Angelica Castro Z. de Castillo. Edwin Torres L., 37; wife, Doris Vega A. de Torres.

FREDERICKSBURG VIRGINIA STAKE: (June 1, 1997) President - Wayne Neilsen Mathis, 51, research entomologist for Smithsonian Institution in Washington D.C.; succeeding Bruce Alan Slater; wife, Necia Dianne Gibbons Mathis. Counselors - Richard Art Greco, 44, advisory engineer for Locheed Martin & IBM; wife, Karen Halliday Greco. John Robert Garvin, 50, U.S. Marine Corps Officer; wife, Melodee Bodell Garvin.

PENSACOLA FLORIDA STAKE: (June 1, 1997) President - Glen W. Phenix, 38, physical facilities field manager for area Church physical facilities; succeeding Kenneth J. Holbert; wife, Cheryl Anne Schillemat Phenix. Counselors - Kenneth D. Donham, 50, alternate fuel systems sales manager for Pacer Industry; wife, Carolyn Irene Holladay. Jerry B. Puzey, 48, vice president of operations for Monsanto Employees Credit Union; wife, Jeanie H. Miller Puzey.

POCATELLO IDAHO ALAMEDA STAKE: (June 1, 1997) President - Stephen S. Dunn, 47, attorney and partner for Merrill & Merrill; succeeding Gail Winn Ockey; wife, Wanda Worthen Dunn. Counselors - Morris E. Kinghorn, 59, district credit manager for Anderson Lumber Co.; wife, Glenna M. Kramer Kinghorn. David N. Hermansen, 41, chief financial officer for Varsity Contractors Inc.; wife, Cheryl Berrett Hermansen.

QUILPUE CHILE STAKE: (May 18, 1997) President - Francisco Antonio Nunez P., 58, retired; succeeding Ivan Robinson Letelier Caceres; wife, Maria Ines Huerta H. de Nunez. Counselors - Gerardo Ignacio Lamartine A., 39, owner of retail shop; wife, Gilda Graciela Oyarce T. de Lamartine. Florentino Robert Abarzua V., 50, construction worker; wife, Angelica Rosa Mella P. de Abarzua.

SALT LAKE CANNON STAKE: (June 8, 1997) President - John D. Johnson, 69, manager of General Tire & Rubber Co.; succeeding George L. Failner; wife, Beth Brown Johnson. Counselors - Harold P. Loscher, 57, carpenter for Bud Bailey; wife, Sharon F. Salt Loscher. Kenneth B. Fletcher, 37, bankruptcy unit manager for Direct Merchants Credit Card Bank; wife, Falene Ann Fisher Fletcher.

SALT LAKE UNIVERSITY 4TH STAKE: (May 17, 1997) President - William H. Lloyd, 55, executive vice president of contracts management and business adminis- tration for Medical Priority Consultants Inc.; succeeding John C. Pingree; wife, Frances Yvonne Bonnie Vernon Pingree. Counselors - Robert H. Garff, 54, chief executive officer for Garff Enterprises Inc.; wife, Katharine Bagley Garff. Marvin R. VanDam, 54; wife, Sandra Jean Rabiger VanDam.

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