New stake presidencies

Eight new stakes have been created, three in Brazil and one each in Dominican Republic, Fiji, Japan, Philippines and Spain.

In Brazil, Elder Claudio R. M. Costa of the Seventy has created the Sao Paulo Brazil Grajau Stake and the Sao Paulo Brazil Guarapiranga Stake. Elder W. Craig Zwick of the Seventy has created the Vitoria Da Conquista Brazil Stake.The Sao Paulo Grajau stake includes the Castro Alves, Cocaia, Grajau, Jardim Campinas, Lucelia and Residencial Cocaia wards. The Sao Paulo Guarapiranga stake includes the Chacara Santana, Guarapiranga, Horizonte Azul, Jardim Capela and Ranieri wards. The Vitoria Da Conquista stake includes the Brumado, Itapetlinga, Jequie, Joaquim Romao, and Vitoria Da Conquista 1st, 2nd and 3rd wards, and the Pocoes and Vitoria Da Conquista Aeroporto branches.

The Bayambang Philippines Stake, which includes the Bautista, Bayambang, Malasiqui, Malimpuec, and San Carlos 1st and 2nd wards, and the Bayambang 2nd and Malasiqui 2nd branches, has been created by Elder Quentin L. Cook of the Seventy.

The Hospitalet Spain Stake, created by Elder Gene R. Cook of the Seventy, includes the Cornella, Hospitalet, Sabadell, Tarragona and Terrassa wards, and the Reus and Vilafranca branches.

The Kumamoto Japan Stake has been created by Elder David E. Sorensen of the Seventy. It includes the Kumamoto, Nagamine, Oita, Shimizu and Tsuboi wards, and the Nobeoka, Ohmuta and Yatsuhiro branches.

The San Cristobal Dominican Republic Stake, which includes the Canastica, Haina 1st, Madre Vieja 1st and 2nd, and San Cristobal wards, and the Cambita, Haina 2nd, Lava Pies and Najayo Arriba branches, has been created by Elder Dale E. Miller of the Seventy.

The Suva Fiji North Stake, which includes the Lami 1st and 2nd, Navua, Samabula 1st and 2nd, Tamavua, and Wailoku wards, has been created by Elder Vaughn J Featherstone of the Seventy.

Elsewhere, stakes have been reorganized in Brazil and Fiji, and in California and Utah.

New stakes

BAYAMBANG PHILIPPINES STAKE: (June 15, 1997) Created from the Lingayen Philippines Stake and the Bayambang Philippines District. President - Jose Mirafelix Balajadia, 33, self-employed medical representative; wife, Grace Marie Escano Quinto Balajadia. Counselors - Feliciano F. Gloria Jr., 35, project supervisor for IDS/Ronnie Dizon O.M.; wife, Estela Echalar Gaoat Gloria. Marcelino A. Capellan, 28, sales supervisor for Adesa Corp.; wife, Evangeline Bangdong Clavel Capellan.

HOSPITALET SPAIN STAKE: (June 1, 1997) Created from the Barcelona Spain Stake and the Tarragona Spain District. President - Vicenc Lacambra L., 44, sales agent for Sakai S.A.; wife, Maria Dolors Escolar S. de Lacambra. Counselors - Luis Rodriguez S., 32, coordinator for Church Educational System; wife, Consuelo Abellan M. de Rodriguez. Ferran Silvestre P., 32, school teacher; wife, Pilar Rione Z. de Silvestre.

KUMAMOTO JAPAN STAKE: (May 18, 1997) Created from the Fukuoka Japan Stake and Kumamoto Japan District. President - Mitsunori Sumiya, 46, president of Mitsui Marine & Fire Insurance Co. Ltd., Yashiro Branch; wife, Kumiko Ichihashi Sumiya. Counselors - Taizo Takahashi, 42, neuro-psychiatry department director of Kikuyo Hospital. Masanori Aiura, 35, employed by Denki Tushin Kyosaikai; wife, Nonuko Ikawa Aiura.

SAN CRISTOBAL DOMINICAN REPUBLIC STAKE: (May 25, 1997) Created from the San Cristobal Dominican Republic District. President - Juan Paciano Felipe, 55, retired from Electrical Dominican Corporation; wife, Ana Luisa Medrano Queliz de Felipe. Counselors - Antonio Pelegrino Rosario, 48, ship supervisor for Dominican Port Authority; wife, Luz Celeste Baez de Rosario. Jose Luis Martinez, 23, manager of cabinet building shop.

SAO PAULO BRAZIL GRAJAU STAKE: (June 8, 1997) Created from the Sao Paulo Brazil Interlagos Stake. President - Idario Marcolino Dos Santos, 28, instructor for Deseret Association; wife, Marilene Alice Silva de Santos. Counselors - Agostinho Bonifacio Moreira, 44, chef for Brunella Confections; wife, Lucia Maria Pereira De Paiva de Moreira. Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Santos, 29, productions operator for Phillips of Brazil; wife, Rosinete Da Silva Souza de Santos.

SAO PAULO BRAZIL GUARAPIRANGA STAKE: (May 18, 1997) Created from the Sao Paulo Brazil Santo Amaro Stake. President - Caio Bezerra da Silva, 38, maintenance technician for Church; wife, Josefa Frances Barros de Silva. Counselors - Raimundo Jorge de Souza, 36, electronic repairman; wife, Erina Shirley Acioly Cavalcanti de Souza. Antonio Carlos Milani, 50, sales supervisor for G.M.G. TVA; wife, Maria Helena Ribeiro da Silva de Milani.

SUVA FIJI NORTH STAKE: (June 15, 1997) Created from the Nasinu Fiji and Suva Fiji stakes. President - Josefa N. T. Sokia, 52, finance supervisor for Church Regional office; wife, Makistina Tua Croker Sokia. Counselors - Meli U. Lesuma, 44, country director for Church Educational System; wife, Irene Louise Lodendahn Lesuma. Kamal Kishore Shankaran, 43, self-employed; wife, Rovina J. N. Shamim Begum Shankaran.

VITORIA DA CONQUISTA BRAZIL STAKE: (June 15, 1997) Created from the Vitoria Da Conquista Brazil District. President - Otavio Santos Sousa Neto, 30, manager for Otica Teixeira Otica Central; wife, Carla Maynart Calo Da Sousa. Counselors - Edgar Pedro de Souza Jr., 35, merchant; wife, Janete Bamia Souza. Magino Israel Miranda Silva, 33, consultant; wife, Claudia Sayuri S. Miranda Silva.

Stake reorganizations

BRASILIA BRAZIL TAGUATINGA STAKE: (May 24, 1997) President - Jorge Luiz Abrev De Souza, 41, business manager for branch Bank of Brazil; succeeding Jose Claudio de Almeida; wife, Gabriela Antonio Machado de Sousza. Counselors - Jose Ferreira Pires, 52, military police officer for federal district; wife, Marcia Elisabeth Marques Silva de Pires. Dewilson Miguel de Arruda, 37, college finance director; wife, Tania Maria M. Cippiamo de Arruda.

COALVILLE UTAH STAKE: (June 22, 1997) President - Glen E. Brown, 54, president and manager of Brown Dairy Inc.; succeeding Myron Alma Richins; wife, Frankie Jean Moore Brown. Counselors - Milton K. Sargent, 46, engineer inspector for Mountain Fuel Supply (Questar); wife, Becky Boyer Sargent. Alan B. Peterson, 42; mechanical engineer technician for Evans & Sutherland; wife, Shauna Sue Swenson Peterson.

DEL MAR CALIFORNIA STAKE: (June 8, 1997) President - W. Christopher Waddell, 38, vice president of Merrill Lynch; succeeding Robert G. Dyer; wife, Carol Stansel Waddell. Counselors - Russell L. Dixon, 45, managing director of CB Commercial Real Estate Investment Banking Group; wife, Kimberly Jones Clifford Dixon. Gary J. G. Atkinson, 45, vice president of finance for Isis Pharmaceuticals Inc.; wife, ValRae Griffin Atkinson.

NAUSORI FIJI STAKE (FORMERLY NASINU FIJI STAKE): (June 15, 1997) President - Jonas J. Prasad, 28, MSR assistant for Church Regional office; succeeding Vilikesa Ravia; wife, Nalini Devi Sinsh Prasad. Counselors - Nikotimo Bukcalase, 55, retired police officer; wife, Salome Vunivosa Bukalase. Alipate Tagidugu, 46, personal officer for National Fire Authority; wife, Anaisi Ratauvata Tagidugu.

NEPHI UTAH STAKE: (June 15, 1997) President - Alan B. Kenison, 53, owner of Kenison Farms & Feedlot; succeeding Lowell Duncan Curtis; wife, Sheree Cooper Kenison. Counselors - Fred D. Blackham, 35, process computer manager for Ash Grove Cement Co.; wife, Cindy Thalman Blackham Blackham. Donald J. Eyre Jr., 47, district judge for state of Utah; wife, Marcia Merrell Eyre.

PALOS VERDES CALIFORNIA STAKE: (June 15, 1997) President - Michael G. Finnigan, 49, president of sports and entertainment and chief financial officer of Hollywood Park; succeeding Randall Glen Turner; wife, Karen Germaine Roberts Finnigan. Counselors - Derek H. Hall, 52, president and chief executive officer of Zuellig Botanicals; wife, Shelby Susan Thompson Hall. Paul W. Rugg, 64, safety supervisor for Bechtel Construction Co.; wife, Martha Jane Stuff Rugg.

SAO PAULO BRAZIL INTERLAGOS STAKE: (June 8, 1997) President - Wamderlei Violin, retained. Counselors - Avaricio Gentil Miguel Da Silva, retained. Lourival Felix, 56, industrial manager for Insta Fibra; wife, Deise Silva de Felix.

SUVA FIJI STAKE: (June 15, 1997) President - Paul Bunker Whippy, 36, regional manager for Church regional office; succeeding Ratu Viliame Sovalatilati Volavola; wife, Olive May Hennings Whippy. Counselors - Subhash Ahmed Dass, 41 engineer for Environ Technology; wife, Roselyn Roshni Narsimiller Dass. Taniela Biu Wakolo, 30, interpol officer for Fiji police force; wife, Anita Herberta Moimoi Wakolo.

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